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A.W.O.L (2006)

Режисер: Jack Swanstrom

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Емисијата не е достапна во државата
рејтинг: 5.5/10


Vietnam. 1972. US Army Special Forces Major Cliff Marquette leads a squad ordered to investigate unusual reports and secure a remote jungle temple locals believe has mystical powers. The Marines guarding the temple have withheld provisions for days from a Viet Cong prisoner. Despite severe mistreatment, the prisoner mysteriously shows no signs of suffering. Marquette confronts the Marine in charge, Garris for torturing a prisoner of war when suddenly enemy forces attack and mortar shells rock the temple. An exceptionally heroic, but losing battle lands Marquette in the hands of a merciless Viet Cong torturer. His men are dead; his screams unheeded. At the height of agony, Marquette's world is turned upside down. In an instant, he finds himself a stranger in the midst of an American life that apparently belongs to him - an idyllic but unrecognizable life complete with a loving wife and two children he's never seen before. Marquette struggles to take in what is happening to him. First is paranoia. Soon uncertainty and fear give way to relief and acceptance. But the twist of fate that delivered Marquette into this life from the hands of his enemy has granted him only a reprieve. The cruel pain of war is not over. As the clock strikes midnight Marquette is back in Vietnam where his torture resumes a few minutes each night. Desperately trapped between two worlds, Marquette must endure;unless, with the clock counting down, he can cheat fate. Escaping will take his wits;and it will require a gun.


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