In the Shadow of Iris

Iris (2016)

Трилер, Драма, Криминал | Франција, Белгија
Режисер: Jalil Lespert

рејтинг: 6.1/10


Iris, the statuesque dark-haired wife of the wealthy Parisian banker, Antoine Doriot, vanishes into thin air while the latter settles the bill at an elegant restaurant downtown. Furthermore, things will take a turn for the worse, when only a few hours later, much to his surprise, Antoine will receive a disturbing call from a merciless kidnapper demanding half a million euros in ransom in exchange for his abducted wife. As a result, under police surveillance, Antoine will follow to the letter the kidnapper's instructions with the intention to deliver the money, nevertheless, nothing will go as planned. By now, not much is making sense, while the helpless Iris is still missing. What has really happened to her?


In the Shadow of Iris


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