Corrupt (2016)

трилер | Канада
Режисер: Curtis Crawford
M1 Film | Утре | 14:10

Оценка на корисникот: 5.8/10
(136 гласови)


Прегледано од hymie
петок, 23 септември 2022 14:00
Assistant D.A. Kate MacIntyre (Nicole de Boer) was working the Vargano (Steve Bacic) case when two key men for the prosecution were killed by a sniper right in front of her. Terrified by the killings Kate quits her position to become a lecturer instead. But when her old boss, D.A. Frank Murphy (Andrew Moodie), asks for her help she agrees to work as a consultant alongside Frank and Greg Nealand (Peter Michael Dillon), his new assistant D.A. But Kate's return sees an increase in danger and... (повеќе)
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