Middletown (2006)

драма | Обединетото Кралство, Ирска
Режисер: Brian Kirk

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Емисијата не е достапна во државата
рејтинг: 5.6/10


Religious zealotry in postwar Ireland is the theme of this bleak yet unconvincing drama. Matthew Macfadyen stars as Gabriel Hunter, a minister who returns to his home town to preach fire and brimstone. His new flock doesn't appreciate his passion, though, especially since they like nothing better than supping Guinness and watching cockfights in the local pub. Charged with Gothic atmosphere, Middletown's story of religious mania encourages a brooding performance from Macfadyen, his character's unhinged temperament leading to scenes of ever more extreme behaviour. An unrelentingly glum aesthetic lends a suitable touch of misery but Gabriel's inevitable descent into outright psychosis as he becomes the Lord's avenging angel is far too melodramatic for its own good.


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