The stories behind innovations such as TV, radio, phones, airplanes, motorcycles and power tools as well as the inventors including Nikola Tesla, William Harley, Alexander Graham Bell, Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker.

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History Channel  EXP Shkence  

  • Grand Tours of Scotland (2010)

    Paul Murton traces the changes that have taken place since the birth of Scottish tourism.
  • Nova ScienceNow (2005)

    David Pogue gives the third degree to scientists pushing the limits of technology - not only to solve horrific murders, but to try to prevent crimes. Peer inside...
  • Бен Фогле - Људи од дивљине (2013)

    British adventurer Ben Fogle visits utterly desolate places in different outward parts of the world where men, alone or with a family, forsake most modern...
  • Шифри и завери (2014)

    Серијал Тајне и завере истражује непознате, скривене приче које стоје иза најпознатијих места на свету, иза најпознатијих откриќа и најутицајнијих људи. То су...

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