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Set in a fictional Liverpool care home, HELP tells the moving story of the relationship between a young care home worker (Jodie Comer) and a patient (Stephen Graham), whose lives are changed forever by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.
Sarah (Jodie Comer) is smart, but she's never fitted in, not in education and not in work. Her family told her she'd never amount to anything but she unexpectedly finds her calling as a carer at a Liverpool care home. Sarah has a special talent for connecting with the residents, including one in particular, 47-year-old Tony (Stephen Graham). Tony's Young Onset Alzheimer's has left him living out his days in care as his mind slowly deteriorates. His illness causes periods of confusion and violent outbursts, which the other members of staff can't handle, but with Sarah he begins to build a real bond. Then March 2020 hits and everything Sarah has achieved is thrown into doubt with the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic.




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