The work is hard but fulfilling: since the death of her parents, the dairy farmer Klara has single-handedly tried to keep the family farm afloat in the Eifel province. But the milk prices are in the basement, business is bad, and Klara cannot get a new loan. The idealistic young woman has no choice: she will have to sell her beloved farm. In this situation, after a long time, she made contact with her sister Mika, who lives as a successful gallery owner in fashionable Dsseldorf. The two women could hardly be more unequal. However, they are completely in agreement on one point: namely that the other has no idea what "real" life really is. But now the career woman Mika finally sees the chance to steer her sister's life in new directions. Without further ado, she invites Klara over - which she soon regrets, because with Klara the full country life finds its way into the stylish designer apartment. While Mika's husband Philipp finds the breath of fresh air invigorating, her spoiled children Lola and Moritz are initially irritated by Klara's blunt manner. A personality coach should prepare the country for urban life and show her professional prospects - with moderate success. In return, Klara meets a man in the organic delicatessen shop Hauke who is completely on her wavelength. When someone interested in buying the farm finally reports, the sisters want to spruce up the dilapidated property a little before visiting. For the two of them, the trip to the Eifel is also a trip back in time, and it doesn't take long before old rivalries and repressed conflicts break out again. Back in Dsseldorf, the situation escalates when Mika feels publicly exposed by her sister. The ultimate break seems inevitable.


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