Der verliebte Teufel

Der verliebte Teufel (1971)

Комедија, Драма, Pоманса, Mистерија | Германија, Западна Германија
Режисер: Rainer Wolffhardt

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Емисијата не е достапна во државата
рејтинг: 8.7/10


The devil plays the leading role, but rarely has the devil taken such a charming and seductive form as in Anouilh's. As a young girl named Biondetta - blond and innocent as an angel - Lucifer appears to the young Spanish nobleman Alvarez, who is an officer in the service of the King of Naples. In this guise, it is easy for the devil to make the young Spaniard fall in love with him. But Eros has a hard time when strict custom and morality suppress nature. In vain the devil tempts him with the pleasures of the world. Neither carnival, gambling, nor the most beautiful courtesan can yet soften the officer. Or can they?


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