Lemonade Stand Romance

Lemonade Stand Romance (2022)

Режисер: Max McGuire

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рејтинг: 6.6/10
Оценка на корисникот: 10/10


Thirty-one year old Trish McTavish works in the public relations department of Los Angeles based Sunny Day Lemonade, she and her colleague Karl Wallace who search for opportunities to overturn the laws that prevent children from setting up lemonade stands, in the process they, as the corporate entity, receiving public good will for their brand. Trish is not excited about her latest assignment when she is sent to investigate the lemonade stand of a ten year old girl named Maisie, who, after operating such for three summers without issue, was, this year in they receiving an anonymous complaint, told to purchase an operating permit by the county or else be shut down and fined. The issue for Trish is that this is all taking place in small town Golden Valley, PA, her hometown, from where she proverbially ran as quickly as she could thirteen years ago following high school graduation in wanting a life with more opportunity, she never having had returned until now despite her mother, Gladys McTavish, still living there. Trish's general plan of attack is a campaign to convince lawmakers that such stands encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in the young, and to discover the identity of complainant to convince him/her to drop the complaint, the thought that he is Maisie's elderly, ornery neighbor, Hank Wishlow. Things for Trish get complicated when upon arrival back in Golden Valley she discovers that Maisie is the only offspring of her high school sweetheart, long widowed carpenter Evan Payton who Trish has not seen or spoken to since she left thirteen years ago. The two will have to get over whatever awkwardness that stems from her hasty departure all those years ago to work together for both their and by association Maisie's good. As the campaign hits one roadblock after another, Trish and Evan start to fall for each other all over again. As Evan unspoken would like Trish to stay, she in turn may run off as hastily as she did thirteen years ago, their relationship only made more complicated by learning of the true nature of the complaint against Maisie's stand.


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