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Major John Harkness is the commander of Fort Bravo, a small outpost established after the Civil War to protect the settlers. Although permanently lacking in troops and provisions, he has always managed to avoid any incident with the Indians. Unfortunately, this delicate balance is undermined one day by a tragic error committed by Buckley, a wagon driver. The latter has indeed killed a group of young Indians he had mistaken for rebels whereas they were only in search of horses. All that could degenerate into a war but Harkness will not let it happen, whatever the price to pay...


Ska rishikime
  • Defiance (2002)

    Western; Kur babai i një djali vritet mizorisht nga qytetari më i fuqishëm i qytetit sepse nuk e pranonte autoritetin e tij, djaloshi ia kushton jetën hakmarrjes...
  • Sierra (1950)

    A tomboy frontier lawyer finds an outlaw and his son hiding out from a false murder charge.
  • The Revenge of Ringo (1967)

    Two adventurers save the life of a man who has a tattooed treasure map on his back. The second needed map is on the back of a sheriff. The hunt begins.
  • The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959)

    Bat Masterson takes over as the law in Dodge City when his brother is shot in the back. Egged on by girlfriend Pauline Howard, he stands against corrupt sheriff...

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