There is no day of rest in the Hamburg neighborhood between Sternschanze and Reeperbahn. Pastor Stefan Book from the St. Pauli Congregation know all about this: First the indestructible clergyman must prevent his sexton Eddi from jumping out of the church tower window; then he learns that 81-year-old Rosi is dying. As a housekeeper, she had been the good soul of the infamous Herbertstrasse for decades. Now it seems her time has come--but for some reason Rosi cannot let go of life yet. A small ray of hope is Book's new vicar, young Anke Bertram. She ended up in St. Pauli only because of a mix-up and wants to leave the desolate Kiez community, but Book's genuine kindness and people's problems awaken her idealism just when it's urgently needed: 16-year-old confirmand Paloma is heavily pregnant, having secretly gotten closer to 16-year-old Winni during the confirmation excursion; Willi's strict father files a complaint against the pastor for pimping. The youth welfare office is also interested in the case: they want to take the baby as soon as it's born because Paloma lives with her alcoholic mother in a not-so-great neighborhood and is not considered reliable. To prevent this, Book makes himself available as a private guardian: He takes in the new parents and gives them guidance with the active support of his partner Sabine. Book's sister, policewoman Rita, doesn't really believe in success, but at first the plan seems to work: Paloma and Winni are devoted to taking care of their little daughter. But soon the burden becomes too great for Paloma and she wants her carefree life back. In desperation she gets involved in a momentous deal with rascally Luden Bodo. At the last moment, Pastor Book and Rita try to prevent the worst--but it seems too late.


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