Frankfurt is an expensive place. The unemployed lawyer Svea Hofmann, who cannot find a job in the financial metropolis and is in arrears with her rent, is also painfully aware of this. Then she gets a call from her old school friend Ute Hogland. Their uncle Walter Roden has broken his leg and needs help with his flock of sheep. Before studying law, Svea trained as a shepherdess and swaps her high heels for rubber boots. The solitary Walter doesn't trust the dainty Svea at all to do the back-breaking job at first, but Svea bites through and soon recognizes every single sheep by the bleating. The change of atmosphere is good for her, she even toyed with the idea of settling down as a lawyer in the area. To her surprise, Svea meets the veterinarian Hannes again, her great love from her youth, whom she left for the sake of her career. Hannes is actually happily married to Ute, with whom he has a 13-year-old daughter. But soon his old feelings for Svea flare up again. Against their will, they plunge into a passionate affair. Svea is torn: she loves Hannes - but can she destroy his marriage and family?


Die Schäferin


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  • Керол (2015)

    Љубовна драма чије дејствие се одвива во Њујорк во педесеттите години од минатиот век кога истополната врска била речиси кривично дело- Млада фотографка се...
  • Читачот (2008)

    Михаел и двојно постарата Хана се во необична љубовна врска се до оној ден кога Хана ќе исчезне. Филмот зборува за љубовта, злосторството и каењето за цел живот.
  • Фотографија (2020)

    Mae Morton discovers a hidden photograph after her estranged mother's death and begins to investigate her past, which leads to an unexpected romance.
  • Венецијанскиот трговец (2004)

    Венеција, 1596. Меланхоличниот Антонио е пријател на младиот Басанио. Кога Басанио бара 3000 дукати, Антонио се согласува пред да дознае дека со парите ќе ја бара...
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