Doug Roberts, Architect, returns from a long vacation to find work nearly completed on his skyscraper. He goes to the party that night concerned he's found that his wiring specifications have not been followed and that the building continues to develope short circuits. When the fire begins Michael O'Halleran is the chief on duty as a series of daring rescues punctuate the terror of a building too tall to have a fire successfully fought from the ground burns.


The Towering InfernoThe Towering InfernoThe Towering InfernoThe Towering InfernoThe Towering Inferno


Review by hymie
Friday, 26 March 2021 02:05
Irwin Allen struck upon a goldmine when he bought the rights to a book called The Poseidon Adventure and turned it into a big, sweaty hulk of a movie. The flick turned out to be a huge hit, with audiences if not necessarily with critics, and it even earned an impressive eight Oscar nominations.

Immediately after his sea-faring success, Allen leaped upon a new concept. It turned out that the book he so desperately wanted to buy was already owned by Warner Bros. So, like any canny producer,... (more)
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