An everyday slice of modern life through children's eyes Apple Tree House is a 30 x 15minute scripted live-action television series aimed at the older preschool audience. Catering to a young child's sense of fun, curiosity and adventure, the storytelling will share valuable life lessons in responsibility, kindness and being a good friend. Apple Tree House portrays a vibrant, contemporary, inner-city estate - bursting with life. A place where the whole audience will see people they know on screen. Because we all smile in the same language. Mali is an ordinary boy, with an ordinary family who have just moved into the extraordinary inner-city world of the Apple Tree House estate and on his arrival in his new home Mali is introduced to a special new friend Sam. Together Mali and Sam provide a uniquely innocent perspective on the real world. Every episode features an adventure as they solve daily problems and overcome childhood dilemmas - all within the safety net of their loving families ...

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  • Ferne and Rory's Teeny Tiny Creatures (2021)

    Ferne and Rory's Teeny Tiny Creatures sees animal experts Ferne and Rory help children understand the tiniest creatures.
  • Elevation with Steven Furtick (2017)

    Pastor Steven Furtick leads the followers of Elevation Church in an exciting and informative celebration of their beliefs and of God's teachings.
  • Fireman Sam (1987)

    Fireman Sam and his crew of firefighters interact with their small town neighbors and conduct rescues.
  • Polly Pocket (2018)

    Polly is often told she is "TOO LITTLE" to do the things she wants to do, but Polly proves what every kid knows - that being little isn't a limitation; IT'S HER...

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