• Princess Emmy
    In cinema from 29/08/2019

    Princess Emmy

    Prinzessin Emmy (2019)

    Princess Emmy is a young girl with a secret gift - she is the only one in the Kingdom of Kandis who can speak to horses. Up until now, life for Emmy has been wonderful: exploring and hanging out with her best friends...

  • A Faithful Man
    In cinema from 22/08/2019

    A Faithful Man

    L'homme fidèle (2018)

    A couple's relationship becomes complicated when she leaves him for his best friend, and returns after he dies.

  • Ugly Dolls
    In cinema from 15/08/2019

    Ugly Dolls

    UglyDolls (2019)

    The free-spirited UglyDolls confront what it means to be different, struggle with their desire to be loved, and ultimately discover that you don't have to be perfect to be amazing because who you truly are is what...

  • The Summer
    In cinema from 15/08/2019

    The Summer

    Leto (2018)

    A love triangle emerges around a rock and roll musician, his protege, and his wife in 1980s Russia.

  • Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion
    In cinema from 14/08/2019

    Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion

    Astérix: Le secret de la potion magique (2018)

    Following a fall during mistletoe picking, Druid Panoramix decides that it is time to secure the future of the village. Accompanied by Asterix and Obelix, he undertakes to travel the Gallic world in search of a...

  • The Sun Is Also a Star
    In cinema from 08/08/2019

    The Sun Is Also a Star

    The Sun Is Also a Star (2019)

    Natasha is a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams that will never come true. She is not the type of girl who meets a cute boy on a crowded New York City street and falls in love...

  • Transit
    In cinema from 02/08/2019


    Transit (2018)

    When a man flees France after the Nazi invasion, he assumes the identity of a dead author whose papers he possesses. Stuck in Marseilles, he meets a young woman desperate to find her missing husband - the very man...

  • Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss - Auf in den Dschungel!
    In cinema from 01/08/2019

    Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss - Auf in den Dschungel!

    Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss - Auf in den Dschungel! (2018)

    This is going to be the best holiday ever. Coconut The Little Dragon is thrilled about going to summer camp with his best friends Oscar and Matilda. But due to wild Water Dragons and carnivorous plants, the adventure...

  • Manou the Swift
    In cinema from 25/07/2019

    Manou the Swift

    Manou the Swift (2019)

    The little swift Manou grows up believing he's a seagull. Learning to fly he finds out he never will be. Shocked, he runs away from home. He meets birds of his own species and finds out who he really is. When both...

  • Teen Spirit
    In cinema from 25/07/2019

    Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit (2018)

    Violet is a shy teenager who dreams of escaping her small town and pursuing her passion to sing. With the help of an unlikely mentor, she enters a local singing competition that will test her integrity, talent and...

  • Non-Fiction
    In cinema from 18/07/2019


    Doubles vies (2018)

    Set in the Parisian publishing world, an editor and an author find themselves in over their heads, as they cope with a middle-age crisis, the changing industry and their wives.

  • The Dead Don't Die
    In cinema from 11/07/2019

    The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die (2019)

    The peaceful town of Centerville finds itself battling a zombie horde as the dead start rising from their graves.

  • Kursk: Prokletstvo dubina
    In cinema from 11/07/2019

    Kursk: Prokletstvo dubina

    Kursk (2018)

    The film follows the 2000 K-141 Kursk submarine disaster and the governmental negligence that followed. As the sailors fight for survival, their families desperately battle political obstacles and impossible odds to...

  • Anna
    In cinema from 04/07/2019


    Anna (2019)

    Beneath Anna Poliatova's striking beauty lies a secret that will unleash her indelible strength and skill to become one of the world's most feared government assassins.

  • Never Look Away
    In cinema from 04/07/2019

    Never Look Away

    Werk ohne Autor (2018)

    Young artist Kurt Barnert (Tom Schilling) has fled to West-Germany, but he continues to be tormented by the experiences he made in his childhood and youth in the Nazi years and during the GDR-regime. When he meets the...

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