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Michael B. Jordan Will Star in ‘Journal for Jordan’ For Director Denzel Washington

• Friday 00:30

Denzel Washington has found his next directorial project, and he’s bringing in a heavy-hitter to star. Michael B. Jordan will play the lead in the Washington-directed Journal for Jordan, based on the memoir by Dana Canedy. Canedy’s book told the story of the love affair between herself and First Sergeant Charles Monroe King. King began writing a journal for his son Jordan while deployed, but was killed during the war in Iraq.

Already Stacked ‘The Devil All the Time’ Cast Somehow Finds Room For Haley Bennett, Jason Clarke and Riley Keough

• Thursday 23:30

Netflix’s adaptation of The Devil All the Time already has a stacked (and impressive) cast – but there’s still room for a few more. Haley Bennett, Jason Clarke and Riley Keough are the latest actors to join the Devil All the Time cast, which already features Tom Holland, Mia Wasakowska, Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgard, Eliza Scanlen and Sebastian Stan. Based on Donald Ray Pollock’s novel, The Devil All the Time tracks several characters in a serious of disturbing situations spread across Ohio in the 1960s.

‘The Kid’ Trailer: Ethan Hawke is a Lawman Chasing Dane DeHaan’s Famous Outlaw

• Thursday 23:00

Billy the Kid has long been a source of fascination for Hollywood, getting the silver screen treatment most notably in Sam Peckinpah’s 1973 classic film Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. Now, the famous Old West outlaw and gunfighter is getting another round on the big screen in actor-turned-director Vincent D’Onofrio‘s The Kid. Dane DeHaan stars as the titular teenage outlaw.

‘Stranger Things’ Director Uta Briesewitz to Spin ‘The Wheel of Time’ for Amazon

• Thursday 22:30

Stranger Things director Uta Briesewitz is putting her own spin on The Wheel of Time. Amazon has tapped Briesewitz as The Wheel of Time TV series director for the first two episodes of the epic fantasy series based on the acclaimed books by Robert Jordan.
Deadline reports that Amazon has hired the director from the hit Netflix sci-fi series to helm the first two episodes of their new fantasy show..

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