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  • Круд: Нова епоха
    In cinema from 2.07.21 г.

    Круд: Нова епоха

    The Croods: A New Age (2020)

    Still searching for a place to settle down after the cataclysmic events of The Croods (2013), the overprotective prehistoric patriarch, Grug, leads his family to the great unknown. Hoping for the best in an...

  • Никой
    In cinema from 21.05.21 г.


    Nobody (2021)

    Emmy winner Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul, The Post, Nebraska) stars as Hutch Mansell, an underestimated and overlooked dad and husband, taking life's indignities on the chin and never pushing back. A nobody. When...

  • Рая и последният дракон
    In cinema from 7.05.21 г.

    Рая и последният дракон

    Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

    Long ago, in the fantasy world of Kumandra, humans and dragons lived together in harmony. However, when sinister monsters known as the Druun threatened the land, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity....

  • Годзила срещу Конг
    In cinema from 16.04.21 г.

    Годзила срещу Конг

    Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

    Legends collide as Godzilla and Kong, the two most powerful forces of nature, clash on the big screen in a spectacular battle for the ages. As a squadron embarks on a perilous mission into fantastic uncharted terrain,...

  • Love, Weddings & Other Disasters
    In cinema from 19.03.21 г.

    Love, Weddings & Other Disasters

    Love, Weddings & Other Disasters (2020)

    It is a multi-story romantic comedy about the people who work on weddings to create the perfect day for a loving couple - while their own relationships are outlandish, odd, crazy and far from perfect.

  • За душата
    In cinema from 19.03.21 г.

    За душата

    Soul (2020)

    A musician who has lost his passion for music is transported out of his body and must find his way back with the help of an infant soul learning about herself.

  • Още по едно
    In cinema from 12.03.21 г.

    Още по едно

    Druk (2020)

    There is a theory that man is born with half a per mille too little. That alcohol in the blood opens the mind to the outside world, problems seem smaller and creativity increases. We know it well; after the first...

  • Двете страни на чудесата
    In cinema from 12.03.21 г.

    Двете страни на чудесата

    Come Away (2020)

    Филмът проследява премеждията на Алиса и Питър, които се превръщат в Питър Пан и Алиса, за да помогнат на родителите си да превъзмогнат загубата на своя първороден син. 8-годишната Алиса (да, същата, която по-късно...

  • Малките неща
    In cinema from 26.02.21 г.

    Малките неща

    The Little Things (2021)

    Deke (Denzel Washington), a burnt-out Kern County, CA deputy sheriff teams up with Baxter (Rami Malek), a crack LASD detective, to nab a serial killer. Deke's nose for the "little things" proves eerily accurate, but...

  • Monster Hunter: Филмът
    In cinema from 26.02.21 г.

    Monster Hunter: Филмът

    Monster Hunter (2020)

    While on a peril-laden mission to track a missing team of soldiers, the hard-as-nails U.S. Army Ranger, Captain Natalie Artemis, and her elite brothers-in-arms find themselves transported to an alternate universe....

  • Том и Джери
    In cinema from 19.02.21 г.

    Том и Джери

    Tom and Jerry (2021)

    Adaptation of the classic Hanna-Barbera property, which reveals how Tom and Jerry first meet and form their rivalry. A chaotic battle ensues between Jerry Mouse, who has taken refuge in the Royal Gate Hotel, and Tom...

  • Суперинтелект
    In cinema from 12.02.21 г.


    Superintelligence (2020)

    Nothing extraordinary ever happens to Carol Peters, so when she starts getting snarky backtalk from her TV, phone and microwave, she thinks she's being punk'd. Or losing her mind. In fact, the world's first...

  • Жената чудо 1984
    In cinema from 16.12.20 г.

    Жената чудо 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

    Бъдещето на света е заложено на карта и само Жената чудо може да го спаси. Даяна Прайс живее спокойно сред смъртните през 80-те години – десетилетие на разточителство, в което главна движеща сила е стремежът да имаш...

  • Тайната градина
    In cinema from 4.12.20 г.

    Тайната градина

    The Secret Garden (2020)

    The main character Mary Lennox "Dixie Egerickx" is a spoiled 10-year-old girl of rich parents who grew up in India. After her parents die from cholera, Mary is sent to live in Misselthwaite Manor in Yorkshire with her...

  • Откачалка
    In cinema from 13.11.20 г.


    Freaky (2020)

    After swapping bodies with a deranged serial killer, a young girl in high school discovers she has less than 24 hours before the change becomes permanent.

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