Cut (70 episodes) is a new and ambitious interactive TV serie, produced by ALP and Terence Films. For the first time ever on a main channel, characters are written to exist on social networks. Thus, the main story can be hit by what happen on the Internet. Like in real life. Laura is the main character of the TV part, while her son, Jules, leads the digital storylines. Jules is the key character of the 70 episodes. Some issues can be understood through his posts on Facebook or Twitter. The audience can also follow his interactions with the other characters, developing stories on his web pages, and even creating plot later solved on TV, the main screen. Every day, Jules shares his pains, his thrills, or facts the audience can't see on TV, to let us get into his intimacy, feel his fear, live his love, and even interact with him. Keeping the audience in touch with characters even when the broadcast ends make fiction as big as life. Over 400 videos, photos, and texts have been shot or written specially for a digital broadcast. A three-parts prequel of the TV serie has been released on the web only.

Bilo je na kanalih:


  • Ezel (2009)

    Betrayed by his trusted friends and the woman he loved, Ömer Uçar returns as Ezel to exact his vengeance.
  • Krvavo maščevanje (2017)

    V odmaknjenem gorskem mestecu delavskih izseljencev je policijski načelnik žrtev surovega nasilja. Po pretresljivem dogodku se preda samouničevalnosti, ki doživi...
  • Juzni vetar (2020)

    A young member of a gang in Belgrade puts his family in danger when he angers a mafia boss.
  • Bodyguard (2018)

    A contemporary thriller featuring the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London's Metropolitan Police Service.

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