We all love seeing movies - some people turn the fun into an obsession! Copycat Killers is a true crime TV series that tells stories of real crimes that were inspired by major motion pictures and television. These real killers bring the violence of the movies into the real world, telling tales more shocking than what we see on screen. The series explores the gamut of frightening films from traditional horrors like American Psycho and Scream to cult classics Heathers and Taxi Driver, to modern tales of terror like Saw and Dexter. The real life crime, including the killer's chilling back-story, the murders, and the exciting investigation, is shown as a parallel to the Hollywood hit. Featuring dramatic recreations and detailed insights from detectives, psychologists, film critics, and other experts, Copycat Killers tells these terrifying true stories that'll change the way you see movies.

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  • Inspektorica Marie Brand (2008)

    The highly talented chief inspector Marie Brand investigates with her pragmatic colleague Simmel. Together they bring heart and mind perfectly together and solve...
  • Das Strafgericht (2002)

    The criminal court was a court show in which fictional court cases in criminal matters were presented.
  • Ultraviolet (2017)

    Inspired by the book "The Skeleton Crew" by Deborah Halber and infused with the personal story of producer Wendy West. The series follows the life of a...
  • Der Blaulicht Report (2015)

    Sanitäter, Polizisten und Feuerwehrleute mit, so RTL, „realem beruflichen Hintergrund“ sind die Protagonisten, die in dieser Reality-Reihe erfundene Dramen zum...

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