Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach (1997)

drammatico | Stati Uniti

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Emmy Award winning Sunset Beach follows the dramas and conflicts of a group of residents in Southern California beachside town, Sunset Beach.

The juicy storylines never fail to deliver intense twists and turns. The first series revolves around Kansas farm girl Meg Cumming’s romantic exploits. After catching her husband-to-be cheating on their wedding day, Meg flees to Sunset Beach to track down Ben, a wealthy, widowed businessman she had been talking to online. The spanner in the works comes in the form of Annie Douglas, Ben’s best friend who despises Meg, and it’s not long before their antagonistic relationship reaches breaking point…

Elsewhere, Olivia and Greg plan to drug and steal their pregnant daughter Caitlin’s baby and pass it off as their own to break up Caitlin’s relationship with Cole whom both of her parents disapprove of, but when Caitlin loses the baby in a car accident she discovers her parent’s plan and creates her own act of revenge with the help of Annie.

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