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Megan Fox Points A Gun At Machine Gun Kelly's Crotch As She Declares Her Undying Love For Him

Alexandra Daddario Is Returning To The Movies Opposite Jean Smart, And Sign Me Up

Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Is Teaming With Alec Baldwin For First Starring Movie In Over A Decade

How Free Guy Crafted The Sequence With Ryan Reynolds Fighting Himself

Expendables 4: Sylvester Stallone Looks Thoroughly Badass In New Set Video

Dwayne Johnson Reflects On Feud With Vin Diesel And What The Fast And Furious Crew Thought

Of Course, Bella Thorne Went Pants-Free For Part Of Her Birthday Photo Shoot

Matt Damon Nearly Had His First Onscreen Kiss With Ben Affleck In The Last Duel

JLO Shares Sweet Photo Supporting Ben Affleck’s Movie Premiere

Chris Pratt Shares Funny Video Combining Super Mario With The Guardians Of The Galaxy. And I Can’t Look Away

Looks Like An Old Frontierland Standby Has Probably Made Its Last Stand At Walt Disney World

Rumors Swirled That A Frontierland Favorite Was Closing, But Disney Says It Ain’t So

The Weird Way Venom: Let There Be Carnage And The Matrix Resurrections Are Tied Together

Alicia Silverstone Just Delivered An A+ Clueless/Mean Girls Crossover, And I Am Totally Buggin’

Knives Out 2: Daniel Craig’s Latest Update Is Going To Make Fans Very Happy About Rian Johnson’s Sequel

How Much Did No Time To Die Make On Opening Weekend?

Megan Fox Is All Blonde Now For Her Expendables 4 Follow-Up, A Modern Take On Bonnie And Clyde

Brand New Warner Bros. Hotel Sounds Like A Movie And TV Fan's Dream

Kristen Stewart Reveals Physical Toll Of Playing Princess Diana In Spencer

First Scream Images Include Neve Campbell, Ghostface, And New Characters

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