Lightfields (2013)

Drama, Misterio | Reino Unido

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Clasificación: 7.2/10

In 1944, the seventeen year-old Lucy is the pride and joy of her father Albert Felwood and they live with her mother Martha Felwood and her brother Pip in Lightfields Farm. Lucy befriends the worker Eve and they become best friends. Lucy has a love affair with the American airman Dwight Lawson that dated Eve and she dies burnt in the barn where they met each other. In 1975, the aspirant writer Vivien Mullen comes from London with her seventeen year-old daughter Clare Mullen to Lightfields Farm with the intention of writing a novel, but she is haunted by the ghost of Lucy. In 2012, Lorna Felwood and her husband Barry Felwood raise their grandson Luke and welcome Barry's father Pip Felwood in Lightfields Farm. Soon Luke is haunted by the ghost of Lucy and Pip believes she is seeking revenge against him.

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