Frequently Asked Questions (Preguntas más frecuentes)

¿Puedo ver TV en vivo en su portal?

On TvProfile you can see schedule of your favorite TV series, shows or movies and all information about them. Unfortunately, you can not watch television of certain shows, series and movies.

Can I see TV schedule on my mobile device?

You can. To view TV schedules on your mobile device, click here

Channel that I follow is not among TvProfil channels. Can you add it?

We can. To add your favorite channels please give us all the information about the channel and send it to

Why is some channel not available?

Email us the channel and we will try do add it.

Can TvProfil change certain TV show airing time or content?

TvProfil is only listing various TV stations programs (TV schedule) and doesn’t have any influence on certain TV shows airing time or its content.

How do I create my personal channel list?

On the home page there is a blue menu bar where you can find “Channels” button. By clicking on that button you’ll get channels customization area. In that area, you can either individually select your channels preferences, or you can click on “Other Country” button which will lead you to area where you can easily set up all your channels preferences by selecting your Country, Language, Time Zone and your prefered TV provider (Operator). You can also access this area by clicking on Setting button in upper right corner.

How do I remove a channel from my own list?

Press the 'Channels' button on blue menu bar to customise your channels (unselected channels yo want to remove and press Save).

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