Black Arrow

La freccia nera (2006)

Guionista: Fabrizio Costa

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Clasificación: 5.6/10

The inspiring principle of the adaptation of the novel by R. L. Stevenson "The Black Arrow" for Tv is to shift the conflict of the War of the Two Roses from England to Tirolo, at the border between Italy and Germany, where the conflict between the Pope and the Empire takes place in the same years. This is the transition period in which Middle Age - embodied in the tyrannical feudatory Raniero von Rottemburg - gives way to Modern times - represented by Cusano and his Court. The main theme of the novel is that one cannot fight against evil by doing evil. The protagonists of our series will come to understand that the aim does not justify the means and that justice has to replace revenge. The Black Arrow is a Bildungsroman about growth and love in wartime: at the end of the 15th century the nobles connected to the Asburgo's Court fight against those related to the Church and to its spiritual master Nicolo Cusano - Nikolaus von Kues - bishop of Bressanone. The men of The Black Arrow, a group of outlaws, stay apart from this conflict: they fight the injustices and abuses of power and they pursue their own project of vengeance, but they will have to choose which side of the conflict they belong. Marco of Monforte (19 years old) is Raniero von Rottenburg's adopted son: his adopted father is power-hungry and sides with Asburgos; Giovanna Bentivoglio (18 years old) is bishop Cusano's beloved pupil and heiress of the coveted feud of Fanes. The two youths seem destined to be enemies but fate plans something different: they happen to meet on the battlefield where Giovanna, who is an excellent archer, has disguised herself as a man to have the opportunity to fight. From then on, their destinies are indissolubly bonded. Thanks to the men of The Black Arrow, Marco soon discovers the truth about his father's death - he was killed by Raniero when Marco was only a child - and thus, definitively enters the world of the adults. Giovanna will also be forced to grow up rapidly in order to face the mystery about her past. The birth and growth of love between the two lovers is continuously put to the test by vicissitudes and deceptions of false supporters. The long and pernicious war will also cross their paths, it will be very difficult for them to discern the differences between true friends and toes, but they will also meet sincere friendship, love and loyalty. In every adventure's tale there is a happy end, and Marco and Giovanna will finally be able to make their dream come true.

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