The family is ruled by a firm Joanna, a nurse by profession. Her current husband Jerzy, totally devoted and in love to his ears, works as a developer. There are three children at home: Ela - Joanna's daughter from a previous relationship, teenage son of Jerzy and 8-year-old Zosia, daughter of Jerzy and Joanna. Jerzy's ex-wife and Joanna's ex-husband also take part in raising children. Grandparents also contribute their pennies: Joanna's parents and Jerzy's mother, full of temperament, loving life and - men. Such a mixture leads to many funny situations.

Es war auf den Kanälen:

TVP Polonia  

  • ApropoTV (2005)

  • Las Fierbinti (2012)

    A rural comedy where the intrigues caused by the upcoming elections in a small village give rise to a ridiculous war between the mayor and deputy mayor....
  • Danger Force (2020)

    Die US-amerikanische Comedy-Serie „Danger Force“ ist ein Spin-Off von „Henry Danger“ und setzt an, nachdem Henry aus Swellview weggegangen ist. Ray Manchester...
  • Neki bolji ljudi (2020)


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