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  • Minari
    Filmstart 08.07.21


    Minari (2020)

    Yearning to own a small patch of land and be more than a chicken sexer, the ambitious paterfamilias, Jacob Yi, relocates his Korean-American family, sceptical wife, Monica, and their children, David and Anne, from...

  • Die Croods - Alles auf Anfang
    Filmstart 01.07.21

    Die Croods - Alles auf Anfang

    The Croods: A New Age (2020)

    The prehistoric family the Croods are challenged by a rival family the Bettermans, who claim to be better and more evolved.

  • Nobody
    Filmstart 10.06.21


    Nobody (2021)

    Emmy winner Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul, The Post, Nebraska) stars as Hutch Mansell, an underestimated and overlooked dad and husband, taking life's indignities on the chin and never pushing back. A nobody. When...

  • Falling
    Filmstart 10.06.21


    Falling (2020)

    A conservative father moves from his rural farm to live with his gay son's family in Los Angeles.

  • Été 85
    Filmstart 27.05.21

    Été 85

    Été 85 (2020)

    What do you dream of when you're 16 years old and in a seaside resort in Normandy in the 1980s? A best friend? A lifelong teen pact? Scooting off on adventures on a boat or a motorbike? Living life at breakneck speed?...

  • Chaos Walking
    Filmstart 13.05.21

    Chaos Walking

    Chaos Walking (2021)

    In the not-too-distant future, Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland) discovers Viola (Daisy Ridley), a mysterious girl who crash lands on his planet, where all the women have disappeared and the men are afflicted by "the Noise" -...

  • The Comeback Trail
    Filmstart 06.05.21

    The Comeback Trail

    The Comeback Trail (2020)

    In debt to the mob and in need of a new money making scheme to save his skin, greedy grind-house film producer, Max Barber, (Robert Deniro) decides to produce a dangerous new film, all for the sake of killing his lead...

  • Shadow in the Cloud
    Filmstart 30.04.21

    Shadow in the Cloud

    Shadow in the Cloud (2020)

    On a stormy night during World War II, a female pilot with top secret cargo talks her way on board a bomber plane about to take-off. The crass all-male crew reluctantly agrees, but their suspicions about her identity...

  • Horizon Line
    Filmstart 29.04.21

    Horizon Line

    Horizon Line (2020)

    A couple flying on a small plane to attend a tropical island wedding must fight for their lives after their pilot suffers a heart attack.

  • Promising Young Woman
    Filmstart 29.04.21

    Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman (2020)

    A young woman, traumatized by a tragic event in her past, seeks out vengeance against those who cross her path.

  • Tom and Jerry
    Filmstart 29.04.21

    Tom and Jerry

    Tom and Jerry (2021)

    Adaptation of the classic Hanna-Barbera property, which reveals how Tom and Jerry first meet and form their rivalry.

  • Boss Level
    Filmstart 23.04.21

    Boss Level

    Boss Level (2021)

    A retired special forces officer is trapped in a never ending time loop on the day of his death.

  • Charlatan
    Filmstart 22.04.21


    Charlatan (2020)

    The breathtaking story of a man gifted with exceptional abilities set against the background of the events of the totalitarian fifties.

  • Der Rausch
    Filmstart 22.04.21

    Der Rausch

    Druk (2020)

    There is a theory that man is born with half a per mille too little. That alcohol in the blood opens the mind to the outside world, problems seem smaller and creativity increases. We know it well; after the first...

  • Stay Alive: Überleben um jeden Preis
    Filmstart 02.04.21

    Stay Alive: Überleben um jeden Preis

    Alone (2020)

    When an outbreak hits, Aidan barricades himself inside his apartment and starts rationing food. His complex is overrun by infected Screamers, and with the world falling apart into chaos, he is left completely alone...

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