Değerlendirme: 7.4/10
Kullanıcı oyu: 10/10

When pregnant, 12-year-old Tui tries to kill herself in a freezing New Zealand lake, Detective Robin Griffin has plenty of questions for the girl. But when Tui suddenly disappears, Griffin finds herself knee-deep in small-town secrets.
From award-winning writer and director Jane Campion and the Oscar-winning producers of The King's Speech, Top of the Lake is a powerful and haunting mystery story set at the edge of the world, starring Elisabeth Moss, David Wenham, Peter Mullan and Holly Hunter. The series begins with a mystery as a 12-year-old girl walks chest deep into the freezing waters of a South Island lake in New Zealand. The girl is Tui Mitcham, daughter of the local drug lord, Matt Mitcham and his third wife, a Thai barmaid. The girl is discovered to be five months pregnant and won't say who the father is. Then she disappears. Gutsy but inexperienced detective Robin Griffin is called in to investigate the case. As she becomes increasingly involved and more obsessed with the search for Tui, she begins to realise that finding Tui is tantamount to finding the version of herself she has kept well hidden. Tui's story brings two men back into Robin's life. Johnno, Matt Mitcham's son, is an old boyfriend and a reformed criminal and Al Parker, a fellow detective and mentor who has known Robin and her family for a long time. As Robin finds out more about Tui, her world starts to unravel as she uncovers secrets about her own past. Set against one of the most amazing and untouched landscapes left on the planet, Top of the Lake is a powerful and haunting story about our search for happiness where the dream of paradise attracts its dark twin, the fall.

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