The beautiful women were originally conceived by Anna's husband as a barber shop for men, who would be called Armandos and who would open up in partnership with his cousin Cirino. In the salon, Anna owns and holds 60% of the shares, while 40% originally belonged to Cirino who gave it to Vicky. Vicky deals with public relations and furnishings, but she herself will surrender her part to Agnese who takes over as P .; Francesca Cialdi is the accountant, while Luca is the head-hairdresser. As for the rest of the staff, Duska is also involved in manicure and will give way to Elfride when he decides to leave the city. Tina, Mavi and Celeste are the saloon shampoos (Tina will leave the city at the end of the first season). Following the closing of the competing salon (Andrè then renamed Annalisa, Maison de Beautè), managed by the former companion of Luca, Andrea Renzi, and then by his wife Annalisa Bottelli, the cashier Bice Monaglia will be hired by The Beautiful Women, the same job. In the third season Anna, leaving for the United States, surrenders her share to Luca, who becomes the new owner of the salon, assuming Laura Del Bono as a new hairdresser.

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