Ciel Est a Nous, Le

Ciel Est a Nous, Le (1997)

comédie | France, Canada
Réalisateur: Graham Guit

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 5.8/10


Lenny arrives in Paris with a plan: to set up a small sting operation and then flee the scene as quickly and as far away as possible. Juliette can no longer bear Joel, her boss and lover, and fearsome drug trafficker. She lays a trap for Lenny, but quickly regrets her action and returns the money she has stolen from him. Unfortunately, she picks up the wrong briefcase, full of valuable but hard-to-dispose of merchandise, and incurs Joel's wrath. But Juliette isn't one to stand around, waiting for the worst to happen. With the help of the somewhat clinging but resolute Lenny, she hatches a plan to double-cross everyone and disappear with the money. Despite their best efforts, the unlikely couple soon find themselves initiated into the violent and murky underworld of drug traffickers and their clients. They begin to grow closer...


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