Gucha, la trompette d'or

Guča (2006)

comédie, drame, musical | Serbie, Bulgarie, Autriche, Allemagne
Réalisateur: Dušan Milić
PINK Film | aujourd'hui | 09:18

Évaluation: 5.3/10
Note de l'utilisateur: 6.9/10
(14 votes)


Storyline guide us through forbidden love of Gypsy boy, trumpet player, and Serbian girl, daughter of famous trumpet player. The bet is made: if the boy "outplays" girl's father at Gucha festival, he'll take the girl for his wife. From that point on, we are faced with the boy's path to win Gucha festival. This is nice, simple love story, placed behind the scenes of a big festival. It will joy up the viewer, without big intentions. Watching it, the one can feel cultural difference between Serbian and Gypsy folks and to see one of the biggest folk festivals in Serbia.


Gucha, la trompette d'or


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