When a couple has an argument at a party, and neither will admit to being wrong, they decide to recreate the evening again and again in order to determine who was right. But this leads to even more confusion, and soon everyone is arguing.
The Argument stars Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts) as Jack, and Emma Bell (Walking Dead) as his actress girlfriend, Lisa. The movie follows the couple as they get into an argument during a dinner party with acquaintances at their apartment. As the argument escalates, the dinner party comes to an abrupt end. All of their friends leave, but the party isn't over. Jack and Lisa recreate the party over and over again, with all of their reluctant guests. The purpose is to figure out just who is right. Each new recreation leads to even more confusion between the couple, and arguments amongst the guests.


The ArgumentThe ArgumentThe ArgumentThe ArgumentThe ArgumentThe ArgumentThe ArgumentThe ArgumentThe Argument


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