Somehow Linda had imagined it differently: The energetic journalist gave up her job as the head of a renowned women's magazine to enjoy the togetherness with retired Latin teacher Jakob and to explore the world - and now the two of them have to babysit the triplets of their adult children Leonie and Thomas, who have long since got used to parking the exhausting offspring with grandma and grandpa. Nevertheless, the house blessing for the young couple is crooked, as the chronically jealous Leonie senses a potential affair behind every female acquaintance of Thomas. With a marriage proposal, the former womanizer tries to prove to her that he really means business. Leonie is in seventh heaven, and old-fashioned Jakob also welcomes this step very much. Only Linda reacts skeptically. In her opinion, Leonie should first make a career so that she can meet her husband at eye level. In fact, a surprising opportunity soon arises: Linda can work for Leonie to design a new advertising campaign for the eccentric fashion star Marius von Boonen. Meanwhile, Jakob has completely different worries: A young woman named Betty shows up at his place and is looking for Thomas. She wants to present him the result of a long time ago one-night stand: little Fritz. Jakob suspects that this news would not only shake the upcoming wedding. With all sorts of falsehoods he tries to conceal the cute boy's true origin for the time being. There is no question that this game of hide and seek does not go well for long.


Vier Drillinge sind einer zu vielVier Drillinge sind einer zu vielVier Drillinge sind einer zu vielVier Drillinge sind einer zu vielVier Drillinge sind einer zu vielVier Drillinge sind einer zu viel


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