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This gripping adaptation of Victor Hugo's French historical novel features a stellar cast, including Dominic West, David Oyelowo, Lily Collins and Olivia Colman. An epic story of love, injustice, redemption and hope, set in 1815, when France had been defeated at the battle of Waterloo. Convict Jean Valjean (Dominic West) is released by the ambitious prison guard Javert (David Oyelowo), after serving 19 years. Once Valjean is released, he remains haunted by his past and struggles to forget life as an ex-convict. When he meets the wise bishop of Digne (Derek Jacobi), he wonders about what life he wishes to lead. Meanwhile, in Paris, the beautiful seamstress Fantine (Lily Collins) meets the charming Felix (Johnny Flynn); she too must decide her future. But will her naivety be her undoing?

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