The story begins in the summer of 1997, just before the arrival of the famous 12-meter flood wave flooding Wroclaw. - The residents of the "Home under Two Eagles" are grandma Zofia Szablewska, a woman full of energy, warmth and humor, her daughter Helena, a cool perfectionist, and Marianna, Zofia's beloved granddaughter, returning with her fiancé from a scholarship in the USA. The family drama begins when a flood wave floods the house, and at the same time grandma Zofia ends up in the hospital due to a stroke. An unfortunate coincidence leads Marianna to discover post-German traces in a house destroyed by the element, thanks to which she finds the diary of the first owner of "Home under Two Eagles", Lisa Weber. Marianna's learning of the history written on the cards takes the action of the series to 1918. In subsequent episodes, viewers will learn about the life of the then inhabitants of the tenement house and their neighbors.

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