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In 1962, intrepid chef and cookbook author Julia Child (Sarah Lancashire) brings her signature panache into American living rooms with The French Chef – her groundbreaking series that pioneered the modern cooking show.
After the success of her 1961 debut cookbook, Julia Child (Sarah Lancashire) sets her sights on the relatively new medium of television, pitching the idea for a cooking show to Boston’s public station WGBH. Despite objections from executives and reluctance from her husband Paul (David Hyde Pierce), Julia stakes her future on The French Chef – pioneering the modern cooking show in the process. With the help of best friend Avis DeVoto (Bebe Neuwirth) and producer Alice Naman (Brittany Bradford), Julia brings her signature joie de vivre as she endeavors to make room at the table not only for herself – but for home cooks everywhere. Charming and hilarious, Julia sheds light on the life of America’s preeminent cook and a pivotal time of change in American history.

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