Furioza (2022)

Crimen | Polonia
Guionista: Cyprian T. Olencki

Clasificación: 6.6/10

A past event divides the fates of three friends. Unexpectedly in the life of Dawid, now a doctor, she appears again. "Wild" - once the love of his life, now an experienced policewoman, makes him an offer he cannot refuse. Either he becomes a police informant and a plug, or his brother will go to prison with a long sentence. Pressed against the wall, Dawid finally succumbs, and his main goal is to infiltrate the increasingly powerful organized crime group. In the midst of a struggle for money and power, he will have to deal with the constant suspicion of his former friend "Gold". He will soon discover that the world he has tried to free himself from is drawing him in with redoubled force.

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