Katja Baumann is a nurse working in a hospital in Munich. One day as she leaves the hospital she meets Tim Lechner, a young boy who tells her his mother is in the hospital and a rural domestic helper is in charge of him and his sisters but they don't feel quite right around her. Katja gives up her holiday with her husband and travels to Frühling to help Tim and his sisters until their mother can recover her health. Katja so enjoys her new domestic-help duty that she decides to stay in Frühling and collaborate with the parish priest to help families who are having difficulties.

Estaba en los canales:

La 1 Cataluña  La 1  

  • The Good Doctor (2017)

    Un joven cirujano con síndrome de Savant, un tipo de autismo, es reclutado en la unidad quirúrgica pediátrica de un prestigioso hospital. Pero, ¿puede una persona...
  • Luz De Esperanza (2019)

  • I gi tis elias (2021)

    Three powerful families of Mani are involved in a cycle of blood, hatred, and revenge. In the rugged land of olives, a revenge trap sets to love.
  • Na sygnale (2014)

    The series shows the work of paramedics of the ambulance service.

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