Nils Holgerssons wunderbare Reise

Nils Holgerssons wunderbare Reise (2011)

Familia, Fantasía, Aventuras | Alemania, Suecia
Guionista: Dirk Regel

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Clasificación: 6.0/10

13-year-old Nils Holgersson is bored living on his parents' farm. Instead of helping with the work, he prefers to play pranks and tease animals, and he really wants to spend more time with Asa, a beautiful girl. One day his life actually changes: he meets an elf who shrinks him to its size. What's more, Nils begins to understand animals and communicate with them. Gasior Bataki Martin and Raven became his friends. When Martin flies to Lapland with a group of geese led by the wise Acre, Nils willingly joins them. Aka is confident that this will help Nils become a better person and thus regain his regular height. Meanwhile, Asa travels to Lapland to find Nils.

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