Moley (2021)

Familia, Animación | Reino Unido
Guionista: Leon Joosen

Opiniones de los usuarios: 8.6/10
(118 votes)

Moley is a lively animated comedy series for children and families of all ages. It follows the underground adventures of a charmingly optimistic young mole, Moley. As the keeper of The Mystical Manual of Magic — known more affectionately as “Manny,” Moley is forever embarking on comedic, zany, Moletastic and thrilling magical adventures which are filled with heart, to help the citizens of the bustling city of MoleTown. What Moley lacks in physical prowess and smarts, he makes up for in heart and friendship! So, with his friends Dotty, a plucky, adventure-seeking mole, Mishmosh, an oddball inventor mole, Mona Lisa, the sensible grounded Mole and Mystic Mole, a wise old mole who knows more than he lets on - there’s no challenge Moley can’t mishandle-- but then soon overcome!

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