The Ranger - On the Hunt

Jonas Waldek (2018)

Familia, Romance, Crimen, Drama | Alemania

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Clasificación: 6.2/10

After five years in Canada, Jonas returns back to Europe and takes up a job as a park ranger in a stunningly beautiful sandstone national park full of rocky canyons and lush forests. Jonas' duties are manifold: taking care of visitors and nature alike but also those of law enforcement, firefighting and mountain rescue. It's never too long until he has to prove his many practical talents, empathy and dedication - either within his professional life or in his interactions with family, friends and colleagues. Only his love life is lacking direction. That is something he shares with his colleague, the beautiful biologist Emilia, who values her freedom as much as Jonas does. It might just be their shared interest in the protecting nature will bring them closer together.

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