Zafari (2018)

Animación, Familia | Canadá, Estados Unidos

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Clasificación: 7.5/10

Every once in a while, Mother Nature creates animals that are born differently - In ZAFARI, one of them, a young elephant magically born with zebra stripes, is shunned from his herd as they feel he's bad luck. And so he goes to live with other one-of-a-kind animals in a valley at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. There, Zoomba learns he is perfect just the way he is - a lesson that he will eventually take back to his herd and the rest of the world. And then there is the rest of the ZAFARI gang - a giraffe with peacock feathers, and a pink flamingo colored lion, a baboon with penguin feathers, and a rainbow monkey. These are just some of the one-of-a-kind animals found in ZAFARI, where you can learn, grow, have fun, and most importantly, celebrate that which makes us each unique. Because "sometimes being different, makes all the difference."


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