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Sport Science (2007)

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SportScience Season one - A scientific reveal in sports television. For the first time ever, Sport Science rallies top professional athletes and a first-rate team of scientists to an undisclosed, high-tech, sports lab in Southern California. The SportScience scientists will test athletes to see if they are superhuman or just super heroes. With Emmy award winning CGI animation, never before seen high-speed footage, in depth motion capture and cutting edge scientific equipment, Sport Science is showing sports like it's never been seen before. The SportScience team goal? To answer the longest standing questions, the greatest debates and the most incredible myths in sports. What hits will send you crawling to the bench - an NFL linebacker's blindside hit on an unexpecting quarterback, a base runner barreling into a catcher or a rugby hospital pass. Who soars the highest - an NFL wide receiver or an NBA guard...with pads on? What is the most dangerous cheap shot - a hockey slash with the ...

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