La doctora arma el lío

La soldatessa alla visita militare (1977)

Comedia | Italia, Francia
Guionista: Nando Cicero

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Army doctor Eva Marini desires to join a regiment to secure equal appropriate rights for ladies. So her commanding officer (Mario Carotenuto) sends her off to a boot camp led by Renzo Montagnani, where just the numerous unruly troops end up. In the ferry the girl documents and wallet are taken and Edwige has to help make a detour towards the police station.

Result: she vanishes for around 15 times as we stick to a group of four disgusting misfits (including Alvaro Vitali and Lucio Montanaro) into camp. This could be not a single time deal: whenever Edwige has joined the regiment, the woman personality periodically vanishes from the movie as though she had been definitely nothing but a sub-plot. Eva Marini never ever partakes in almost any military exorcises or trainings (though the tailors go to loads of trouble fabricating a set of hot-pants away from military fatigues for her). Each time she’s off display screen, the film concentrates on reduced eyebrow humour that will make even the ‘Carry On’ gang blush.

Amongst the fabric label band of never perform wells is one hairy monster of a guy (who’s pastime is knitting) and Eva takes a shining to him the moment she spots him at the dance. The thing is, these unruly soldier guys periodically have actually a disco where they quick quick slow with one another. The anthropoid man grabs her and wishes which will make for the hills, but is caught and chained to a pole instead.

Nevertheless, Edwige comes over and provides him a shave, exposing the handsome face of her regular leading man Michele Gammino. It’s constantly the same within these comedies: she starts down wanting to modify the Italian means of reasoning but soon sets aside all aspirations for love. As well all of the unsightly men are busy lusting after her, especially Colonello Renzo.
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