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Charles Bronson's last theatrical film was a return to his most popular character, the vigilante killer Paul Kersey. This time Bronson gets to deal with organized crime in a most personal way.

Bronson's now back in New York and involved with fashion magnate Lesley Anne Down who has a daughter Erica Lancaster. What Bronson doesn't know is that Down was formerly married to Irish mobster Michael Parks who has a nice hammerlock on the garment industry including her own business which he uses for money laundering. He's also Lancaster's father as well.

As is the pattern of all the Death Wish movies Bronson springs into action when a woman close to him dies. Down was the fifth and final one that this happened to. Unlike previous Death Wish films though where Bronson is just capping bad guys as he finds them, he's got some very specific targets in mind.

Death Wish V: The Face of Death did not do all that great at the box office, Bronson was probably getting too old for the part and another generation of film fans had come along.

Favorite moment was Bronson getting to contract killer Robert Joy, the follicly challenged hit-man who Bronson cures of his dandruff.

It would have been nice had Bronson finally settled down with another wife, but I'm guessing Down was killed so that another Death Wish film might have been made that never was. It was a terrific franchise though with great action and Charles Bronson at his toughest.
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