This movie is the sequel of Io, Chiara e lo Scuro (1982). Francesco forgot billiards because now he lives with Chiara: "Billiards is jealous, he explains, if you love a woman, you can pass your time on the green table". She is a musician and she would like to become famous. Francesco is different: he found in her the reason of his life. But when she accepts a job far from home, Francesco comes back to billiards: he will meet again Chiara in Casablanca, Morocco, during a World Championship and in the magic of a mysterious bar called Ricks...


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  • Super-Dad (2015)

    Das Leben von Mark könnte nicht schöner sein: Er schmeißt mit seinem Kompagnon Peer eine coole Strandbar, ist mit seiner wunderschönen Freundin Greta glücklich,...
  • Gnjurac (1993)

    A man who works in a travel agency sees his chance to quit his job and do nothing for a while after his wife found a job, but now all the kitchen work is up to him.
  • Ortaci (1988)

    A young student hungry for cash engages in the world of shady deals.
  • S.P.U.K. (1983)

    A commander of the youth working action brigade wants his team to win the award, but the problem arises when a series of graffiti regarding his subordinates'...

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