Stolica sreće

La sedia della felicità (2013)

Komödie | Italien

Bewertung: 6.1/10


During her visit to a prison to do the nails to an old lady and former head of a criminal clan, a broke beautician is the recipient of the last words of the dying lady whispering the hideout of a treasure, supposedly in an old chair in the lady's mansion. The beautician sets forth to find the treasure, but all the belongings of the mansion have been confiscated and auctioned. The beautician seeks help by the neighbor's's shop, a tattoo studio, where the broke owner does everything he can to help, and discovers that there are eight identical chairs and that there is a way to find their owners. The quest to find the lucky chair brings the couple around the Veneto region trying to persuade the chair owners that they don't really need them. A magician, a greedy priest, industrious immigrated entrepreneurs, a grumpy fishmonger and a shepherd in the alps are some of the characters the couple find in their pursuit of happiness.


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