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Gilberto join a 'speed-date' session during which he meets Stella. The day after police investigating on Stella's vanishing calls him. In this occasion, Tiziana, his wife, discovers Gilberto's 'almost-treason' with Stella. She decides immediately to separate and proceeding for divorce. At this point, having no place to stay, Gilberto is accommodated by Andrea and his fiancé Carlotta. Soon Gilberto discovers that also his wife Tiziana has a liaison with Guido their family's doctor. Things stars becoming interesting because a frenetic 'couple game' starts, with a surprise following another keeping us always more involved in this sentimental war.


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Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2023 01:40
Carlo Verdone continues to use his proverbial melancholy comedy to tell a story whose main theme is the feeling that has always moved the world: Love.

Verdone tells of an apparently happy and serene middle-class family that conceals profound hardships. He plays Gilberto Mercuri who is a renowned middle-aged optician and married to Tiziana (Laura Morante), a famous psychologist. The two have a teenage daughter named Marta (Lucia Ceracchi), who is afflicted against her will by a profound... (mehr)
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