Salvo D'Acquisto

Salvo d'Acquisto (1975)

Bewertung: 7.0/10


This is the true story of Carabinieri (Italian Police) vice-sergeant Salvo D'Acquisto. The story takes place after Mussolini's fall on 25 July 1943 and the armistice on 8 September 1943. Italy is occupied by Germans (former allied) and invaded by new Allies (US, UK etc.). Civilians have two options: wait until Allies arrive or participate actively in the 'Resistance'. Many, like socialist Rubino, choose the Resistance and run to the mountains to fight Germans. Salvo decides to stay near the population as required by his role. Meanwhile, he starts falling in love with Martina. But an accidental explosion kills two German soldiers inside their barracks. Germans decide to take reprisal and go to kill 20 Italian civilians. At this point Salvo decides to save innocent people by declaring he is guilty of the explosion. Germans will execute him, and 20 persons are saved. After WWII he receives the Gold Medal to Memory.


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