L'ammazzatina (1975)

Komödie | Italien

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Sicilian baron, Mimì Galluzzo, will be able to enjoy the legacy of his deceased father-in-law on two conditions: that his wife accepts the will and that there is a compromising document to be delivered to the mafia. While, however, the precious "dossier" is, in reality, in the hands of an avid widow, Donna Maria, willing to sell it only if Mimi marries her. Rosalba, obsessed with the absence of a child, suddenly goes mad or pretends 'go crazy. Recommended by Donna Maria, of whom he became the lover Don Mimì tries, with the help of his friend Langatta, undertaker, and a nurse in the clinic in which Rosalba was hospitalized, to get rid of his wife. Instead, he finds himself without having reached his goal, involved in an obscure series of crimes that will make him lose his mind.


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