Tapioca, a small-time thief, hides out in an elegant apartment, where he is soon joined by Cascarilla, one of his apprentices who has become better than his master. When the owners arrive home, the latter offers the wife a bunch of love letters she has written to various lovers for ten million.


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  • We Are Not Angels 2 (2005)

    In this sequel of "We Are Not Angels", a highly successful Yugoslavian comedy, a former playboy must cope with his daughter's adolescence, as well as numerous...
  • Kakav deda takav unuk (1983)

    Zika and Milan are fighting over who gets to spend more time with grandson Misha, who is five years old. Although Misha lives with his parents in Milan...
  • Chasing Luck(Y) (2005)

    A man who plays lottery for years suddenly wins 4 million euros, despite his previous lack of success. However, a winning ticket somehow finds its way to the...
  • Matze, Kebab und Sauerkraut (2020)

    Seit ihrer Kindheit sind Noah und Akim beste Freunde. Sie haben sich geschworen, dass nichts zwischen sie kommt – schon gar keine Frau. Doch damals wussten sie...

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